Panel Glides

Stylish modern simplicity – the ultimate choice for floor-to-ceiling coverage

One of the most popular new arrivals on the market is the panel glide blind – a super-stylish addition to any home.

Our custom-made panel glides come in a few different styles and configurations:

Structure and Size

  • You choose the width of each panel
  • Plain panels
  • Horizontal folds or seams
  • Horizontal battens

Sliding Configuration

  • One side (all panels stow at one side)
  • Both sides (panels stow at each side, like curtains)
  • Centre (panels stow in middle – great for wide areas)

All panel glides made to order by our local partners

When you come to Robs Blinds, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re only getting quality, locally made blinds – no cheap imports and no mass production.

Everything is made to your exact measurements to fit your home, from width and drop to whatever colours and materials you choose.

Going direct to the factory also means you aren’t paying extra for middle men or salespeople. You’re getting top-notch blinds made precisely as you want them, with the added bonus of having access to spares and replacements at will.

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